How to use the "BBC" code etc in the Reply Box Area

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How to use the "BBC" code etc in the Reply Box Area

Postby Rosanna » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:39 am

When you hit "New Topic" or "Reply Topic", you'll come to a Reply Box with various formatting features.

Right under the Subject line, you'd see 2 lines:
"B" "i" "u" "Quote" etc.
"blink" "center" "embed_video" etc.

These are called "BBC codes" (don't ask me what BBC means... :iconcrazy: )

Here are examples of how you'd use them:

The "blink" code will make your enclosed text blink.

e.g. [ blink]fun blinking text[ /blink] in the reply box will appear like this

fun blinking text in the actual post
(Note: The above may not appear to blink if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.)

The "center" code makes the enclosed text appear centered in your submitted post.

e.g.[ center]Text that is centered[ /center] in your reply box will appear centered in the actual post, like this

Text that is centered

While we're at it, here is how you use the color palette on the right.

Use your cursor to highlight the text that you want colored.
Then, color palette on the right, click on the color that you want. You should see some code automatically added around your text, like this:
[ color=#FF0000]This is the text you want colored[ /color]

When it's rendered in your post, you will see:
This is the text you want colored

These codes can be used in combination, e.g. with the color palette, with bolding, italics etc.

If you want say your centered text to blink as well, select the ENTIRE centered code plus text, then click on the blink tag. The blink code will automatically be added. So you'll see this:

[ blink][ center]This text is both centered and blinking.[ /center][ /blink]

In the actual post, you will see:
This text is both centered and blinking.

(Note: The above may not appear to blink if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.)

You'll see lots of smilies on the left panel.
-- Wherever you want one to appear in your reply, place you cursor at that location in your reply box.
-- Then click the desired smiley on the left panel.
-- You will see some code, e.g. : sunny: automatically added to your reply text.
-- When you "preview" or after you've submit your post, you will actually see the smiley, in this case, it'd be :sunny:

Within the Members Only area of the forum:

You'll also notice the additional smilies that you see on TOP of the subject line.
Those are fun icons that would appear on the SIDE of the topic when you are looking at a whole list of topic.

E.g. when you look at Board Index >> Course Discussions & Questions ยป Questions for Rosa, you'd see the entire list of topics that have ever been posted there.

The second column is empty. If you had chosen say a star smiley (just right of "None") when you started a NEW TOPIC, you will see that star image in that second column of your thread.

If you use these icons when you do a REPLY TOPIC (as opposed to a new topic), then the icon will ONLY appear next to the subject line of that reply post itself.
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