Exactly one year

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Exactly one year

Postby Rosa » Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:14 pm

Dear Friends and Readers,

Exactly one year at this time, I started 'dreaming' about writing a piano book to share with the people in my church who had been very keen to learn to play the piano with me for years. The difficulty was that I had never been able to set aside the time to teach them piano. As a result, all these years, I sent them off to other piano teachers. Even after learning from other teachers, they kept coming back to me to teach them :oops: .

I also realize that teaching others to play piano is not a one-time session. You need to give follow-up sessions to coach them and to motivate them. So last year, on this day, my hubby and I were having lunch together discussing about how to meet the needs of the people in the church in this area. We realize that there are hardly any books that are written in this area of training up church pianists. So from this casual talk, my hubby suggested, "Why don't you write a book on this? (What a shock to hear this. :shock: ) In that way, they have a book to follow and you do not need to repeat the teaching of each lessons."

From this small vision, I went home, turned on my computer, and started writing :? . This is how the 'preface' of my book came about. I was so motivated and inspired that I didn't have time to even cook dinner that evening :oops: . My hubby went out jogging that night, and usually I would accompany him, but I had too much to write, and inspiration was flowing out :P that I could not get away from the computer. When he came home from jogging, he says, I know exactly what the title of the book should be: Playing Piano With Rosa: CCI Method. 8-)

I asked him what is CCI? He said: Color Chord Improvisation. I was very impressed that he knows the secret of my method ;) . Although I did not formally teach piano at church, but from time to time, the people in church would ask me for a few tricks. I would show them and I would explain to them it is 'color' chord method, and I would encourage people to improvise. This is where my hubby picked up all these terms and he saw it working so well with people that he says: this is it -- CCI.

On this day, exactly a year ago, I just started writing the preface, and the title of this book was born already.

:roll: Now, fast-forward a year later. Today is April 29, 2009 and I am celebrating my birthday :P ! This small vision of 'just a book' turns out to 3 books with DVD multimedia videos now. This baby turns out to be a TRIPLET. :lol: :lol: :lol:

If someone were to tell me all this would take place this year, I think the person must have gone out of his/her mind :roll: . How can it be? :? I never imagined myself writing any book, let alone on music :( . I never imagined myself to even teach piano in a more formal way. God has pleasant surprises along our way :D and He truly gives us the strength and inspiration to finish the work He calls us to do :P . This work that I've done in the past year has certainly been God's call and I am glad I responded gladly to it. Heneni. (A Hebrew word that my church people learned recently.) It had been a very tough year because I am not a 'detail' person nor a 'techny' person especially when it comes to working on computers. I never had the patience to key in music notes nor to use any music software. I also realize to write music books requires a lot of diagrams, music notes, keyboards notations, rhythmic notes, etc and it can't be all words. What I thought was 'impossible', 'can't be done', 'too much work'....... now possible, can be done, and not too much work.

Here I am sharing with you how this whole thing started with a tiny 'vision' of a dream of 'just a book' -- had now turned out to 3 Books accompanying with DVD videos PLUS going ONLINE now so that people can download the courses. 8-) If I had know that these piano lessons were going ONLINE on the internet, I might have approached it differently. God knows. I was not ready for this last year. I concentrated only on WRITING the secret of my method to get church pianists playing quickly and with ease in an elegant style. The beauty of this is that it WORKS, because I now have 5 new church pianists this year, playing publicly with a full congregation. Most of them are beginners, and one of them is playing by ear. So all glory goes to God for the work He has done in their lives. I feel like I am dreaming and still living in an 'unbelievable dream' as I watch all this coming true before my very eyes. :lol:

The idea of going online came at the beginning of this year when I started writing a blogspot (http://www.pianowithrosa.blogspot.com) sharing with people the birth of the first baby. Now, I know why parents fuss over their first-born. I took pictures of this first baby and you see it in that blog. And then in 2 months time, the 2nd book came out. Of course this 2nd baby didn't have any pictures taken as I was trying to think how to change the blogspot to make it look more presentable. The bogspot looked too pinkish and more like a scrap book. Then when people requested to buy my books, I checked with the post office and saw that sending international shipment is very costly, so the idea of making it downloadable for people started working on my mind. This is how this present site came into play.

Today I will take some photos for you of my 2nd baby and also 3rd baby that we picked up yesterday at the printers. Everything is just in time for me to celebrate my birthday with you. So join me in this celebration together. For visitors, if you happen to see this announcement today and you want to order my online courses in my birthday week, I will give it to you $99 for all 3 courses in downloadable format. For students who have already ordered my courses and want to order the other courses, I will let you have it for an extra 50% off in whichever course you wish to order, but you need to post a recording in the forum to let me hear you play a song. This is really a bonus, so grab it.

[You need to write to me directly to: PianoWithRosa@gmail.com if you want the discount offer. Please do not click the 'add to cart' button because it will not automatically give you the discount feature.]

Thank you again for coming into my site to visit. I would be remiss not to mention 2 very important people who had made my books and this forum possible. They both gave generously of their time and voluntarily helped me in this whole project. I want to thank Alene, a retired piano teacher from Oregon for being there on that very first day when the vision began last year, and her priceless enthusiasm in reviewing all the manuscripts and testing out each and every single lesson was phenomenal and very contagious. Thank you Al for all your loving support. Also much appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Rosanna, a talented piano player from San Francisco for the hours of detail work she spent in giving me feedback and editing the manuscripts. She is the key person to set up this forum and getting it running for us to enjoy. Thank you Ro for all the hours you put into making all this a success.

Again, thank you all for being a participant in this site,

Rosa, the DREAMER. :lol:
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