A quick start guide to Rosa's Online Forum

Please read my welcome note, as well as some useful information to get you oriented and using this board. (This is a read-only area.)

A quick start guide to Rosa's Online Forum

Postby admin » Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:29 am

To our users who may have little experience in participating in online forums:
This quick start guide is written with you in mind. We hope this helps ease your way into the forum!

To more experienced users:
You may want to scroll through the contents quickly and note the information in purple, which may be useful for you.

This Board's organization
There are currently three areas (aka categories). Changes may occur over time as we grow and evolve.
LearnPianoWithRosa Forum - General Area
This is the general area where you will see occasional announcements, and where you can post suggestions, error reports, and other technical questions about the site.

Course Discussions & Questions
This is where you interact with Rosa and other students to discuss questions and issues about any of the courses. Please use the forum corresponding to the particular course that you are having questions about. Feel free to start your own topic, or continue an existing topic that relates to the issue at hand.

Student Lounge
I hope we all get to know each other as time goes on. This lounge is set up so that we can hang out, share our experiences, resources, and discuss all manners of things related to the piano.

Where am I? Navigating the forums and topics
  1. The "bread crumb" trail: This is found towards the top of the screen. Right now, you should see
    Board index >> LearnPianoWithRosa Forum - General Area >> Welcome!

    You can click on any of part of the trail to navigate around the board. (This trail is also at the bottom of the screen.) As you can tell, this trail shows:
    Board index >> [one of the 3 categories, e.g. Course Discussions & Questions] >> [one of the forums within the category, e.g. Questions for Rosa]

  2. When you navigate to the level of a "forum" (e.g. Questions for Rosa), the displayed topics span a certain time period. Notice at the bottom of the screen "Display topics from previous" where you can select that time period. You can also set your own default in the User Control Panel|Board Preference|Edit display options. (More on this later.)

  3. Two useful ways to see topics with recent activities are to use these links on the top of your screen:
    View new posts - This lists all topics with new posts since you last logged in.
    View active posts - This lists all topics that have activities since a certain time ago. Go to the bottom of that screen and you can set the time period for 1 day, 7 days, etc. Note that the default is 7 days. (Unfortunately you cannot set your own default for this "active" period.)

    Note that the list of topics in these "View new posts" and "View active topics" screens is in the order of topics with the most recent posting. Under the topic title, the forum where the topic belongs is shown in small fonts.

About posting
Posting a new topic
  • Post in the forum that is most suited to your question.
  • Using the Board Index, navigate to the category and then the forum that reflects your issue. Click "NewTopic" to start your own topic. (If an exising topic reflects your issue, you can simply click that topic, then click "PostReply" to start your post.) See below on Replying.
  • Word your subject line so that it reflects the topic content, and will facilitate future searches by other users.
  • Just start typing in the reply box!
  • When you are done, you can choose to "Preview" your message. The button is below the reply box.
  • Click "Submit" to post!

Replying to an existing post
  • Simply click the "PostReply" button found at the bottom of the very last post.
  • It is also possible to click the "Quote" button at the bottom right of a particular post. This takes you to the reply box where that entire post will be already quoted (i.e. found within quote "tags".)

  • You can edit your own posts after posting. Find the "edit" button towards the bottom right of the post you want to edit. Unless it's some minor typo, it's a common forum etiquette to highlight your edits in some way.
  • NOTE: Editing does not change the original timestamp on the post. Thus your edited post will not cause the topic to show up at the top of the "View Active topics" or "View new posts" screens. If you want your new comments to be noticed by other users, it is best that you make a new reply post, instead of edit an old post.

Posting tricks
When you post, you will see various tools around your reply box. These include the obvious, such as smilies and font colors and font sizes. You can also mouse over the buttons right above the reply box, e.g. B, i , u etc to get a sense of what these buttons do.

To avoid too lengthy a "quick start guide", we will discuss these as needed in the future. You can also refer to the FAQ link on the top right. Look under "Posting Issues", and "Formatting and Topic Types".

What do those icons on the left mean?
At any time when you are viewing a list of forums or topics, you'll see an icon in the left hand column. Go to any "forum" level, e.g. right now, click on "Welcome!" in the bread crumb trail at the top of your screen. At the bottom of that new page, you will find a list of icons and their meanings. (Mousing over any icon will also display its definition.)

When you are viewing a list of topics using the "View active topics" or "View new posts" functions, certain topic titles may be preceded with an icon of a black arrow followed by an orange page. Clicking this icon takes you directly to the first "unread" post. (Clicking on the topic title itself takes you to the very first post of the topic.)

Customizing your user settings
Underneath the top banner, you will find User Control Panel. Clicking on this link takes you to a page where you can establish various personal preferences. When you have time, feel free to explore and customize each tab - notice all the sub-tabs as well!

For now, we will briefly mention a few things in the "Profile" and "Board preferences" tabs.

Changing your email and password
If you ever change your email address, please remember to update your info in "Profile|Edit Account Settings".When you change your email address, you will need to wait for re-activation before you can log in again. This may take up to 1 day due to time zone differences of between you and the administrator. You can change your password anytime without need for re-activation.

Set your time zone and other settings in "Board preferences|Edit global settings"

Set your default for how many days of the latest topics you want to see when you are in any forum
Do this in "Board preferences|Edit display options". In the middle section, set "Display topics from previous days". (NOTE: this is not the same as the days of "active" topics when using "View active topics". You cannot set a default for that.)

Private messages
You can exchange private messages with other members. To do so, look for the "pm" button at the bottom of any post made by the member. Click to initiate your message.

Towards the top of the screen, you will most likely see "0 new messages" right now. If any member has sent you a private message, you will see the count as other than “0”. Click that link to view your messages.

You can also set your preferences to get notified by email when you receive any new messages, or to disable others from sending you private messages altogether. Go to "User Control Panel|Board preferences|Edit global settings".

Manage your private messages using the "User Control Panel|Private messages" area. (The easiest way to get there is to click on "0 new messages" at the top of the screen.) Notice you have Inbox, Outbox, Sent messages, much like any mail programs. You can create up to 4 folders, and have a total of 50 stored messages. When your box is full, you will be notified by an automated email to take action.

This private messaging system protects your privacy as your email is never seen by other members. However, Site Administrator (Admin), Moderators & Rosa can email you directly.

Our community is a friendly place. Please be considerate and supportive in your language. Use your best judgment and common courtesy when posting. Moderators are empowered to warn users, lock a topic, and even ban a user, but we hope we never need to resort to such actions.

At the bottom right of each post, there is an ! icon which allows any user to report a post to moderators. Use your best judgment if you are considering using this. Many minor issues can be resolved with a friendly post, or a private message.

Closing Note
For more info, please try the FAQ (click) area which is always at the top right of your screen.

Much more detailed info can be found in the User's Guide (click). (You are one dedicated user if you actually read it!)

We hope to continue to improve this quick start guide. If you have suggestions or comments on how to further improve this guide, please post them in the Suggeston Box.

Your friendly Site Administrator :P
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Re: A quick start guide to this Forum

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This topic is read only. Please post in the Suggestion Box. Thank you. :P
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