Play By Ear Vol. 1

Courses in this series are designed to teach you how to pick out melodies and chords, and to easily play in all 12 keys using the ingenious Asian Notation System.

Play By Ear Vol. 1

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Play By Ear Volume 1
Piano Instructional Course

You will learn 10 Steps to start playing songs by EAR.
The principles of playing by ear are laid out in detail in the instructional manual.
I will also show you a fascinating Number System that will fast track your learning to play in different keys.

There are 40 videos with an animated graphic keyboard, where I demonstrated each song often in 3 or more keys.

When learning any skill, you need to apply the skill to a variety of situations to get good at it. I am sure if you follow these 40 videos one by one and play these 40 songs in different keys as shown, you will begin to see how easy it is to make use of this numbering system to play a song in any key.

40 Songs demonstrated in different keys:
  1. Alleluia - Keys of C D F G
  2. God is so good - Keys of C D F G
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Keys of C D F G
  4. Mary Had a Little Lamb - Keys of C Bb A Db
  5. Happy Birthday - Keys of C F G
  6. Kum Ba Yah My Lord - Keys of C Db Eb Ab
  7. Here Comes the Bride - Keys of C D G
  8. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross - Keys of C Db B F# (Gb) Eb
  9. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus - Keys of C B Bb Db
  10. O Christmas Tree - Keys of C E D Db
  11. Braham’s Lullaby - Keys of C Bb F G
  12. When the Saints Go Marching In - Keys of C Eb
  13. Jesus Loves Me - Keys of C D Bb Eb
  14. Jingle Bells - 12 Keys: C Db D Eb E F F# (Gb) G G# (Ab) A A# (Bb) B
  15. Amazing Grace - Key of C
  16. Be Still and Know - Key of C
  17. Be Thou My Vision - Key of C
  18. Blest be the Tie that Binds - Key of C
  19. Auld Lang Syne - Keys of C F G Bb
  20. We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Keys of C F Eb Db
  21. Ode to Joy - Keys of C b Bb Eb
  22. Morning Has Broken - Keys of C Db Ab B
  23. I’ve Been working on the Railroad - Keys of C B Db
  24. Trust and Obey - Key of C
  25. Just As I am - Key of C
  26. Day by Day - Key of C
  27. Deeper, Deeper - Key of C
  28. On top of Old Smokey - Keys of C D Bb Db
  29. O Danny Boy - Key of C
  30. Clementine - Keys of C D Bb Db
  31. Home on the Range - Keys of C F
  32. O Suzanna - Keys of C F# G A
  33. Thanks to God - Keys of C
  34. This is My Father’s World - Key of C
  35. Silent Night - Keys of C Bb
  36. Away In A Manger - Keys of C D
  37. Onward Christian Soldiers - Keys of C Eb
  38. Lead On O King Eternal - Keys of C B A
  39. It is Well with My Soul - Keys of C Bb
  40. Teach me Thy Way - Keys of C Db Eb F#

Demonstration Video

This video shows the use of the powerful Numbering System used in playing Amazing Grace.
(Note that the resolution of videos in my actual product is higher. This demo here is kept to a lower resolution to minimize buffering time.)

Reg. Price: $109 ... Now $57

  • Instructional Manual: 177 pages
  • Audios and Videos: 5.5 Hours

Take advantage of the discount offer Now!

Two formats to choose from:
  1. Digital Download
    E-Book (pdf format) plus all multimedia files. Immediate E-download.

    ** $57 **

  2. Physical product
    Book plus DVD-Rom. (DVD-Rom is for the computer, not for TV-DVD player.)

    ** $72 ** $57 + $15 (shipping & handling)

Choose betwen IMMEDIATE download or Physical Product

After payment, you will be taken to a page to confirm your order. Please key in your real name and best email address to receive further download instructions.
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