Module E : Creating Interesting Descending Bass Lines by EAR

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Module E : Creating Interesting Descending Bass Lines by EAR

Postby Rosanna » Sat May 15, 2010 10:09 am

Applying the 7 Secrets - The Journey
Module E: Creating Interesting Descending Bass Lines by EAR

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One of the skills that solo pianists need is to be able to play descending bass lines. Descending bass lines that move down half step or whole step in an octave span create a romantic mood. To be able to do this, you need to know what kind of chord progressions can be easily played with a descending bass line, and to acquire the skills to actually play such bass lines.

Do you know that certain chord progressions can be played beautifully with descending bass lines? Once you know what these progressions are and you recognize them in songs, you can freely play these descending bass lines on the fly. These progressions will allow you to resolve smoothly down by either half step or whole step as you descend the bass. There is no need to memorize any fingering. You can create and play these stepwise descending bass lines by ear effortlessly.

Stepwise descending bass lines create dreamy sounds. You can either descend by diatonic scale tones or by chromatic tones. Learn also the technical skill of "Smooth Voice Leading" so that you can move smoothly from one chord to another by using 7th chord inversions. I will show you some neat finger tricks to move quickly from one 7th chord to another. When you are able to do this effortlessly, your piano arrangement will sound very musical.

One way to end a song is to make use of "half step" descending bass lines. Surprise your audience with a Jazzy twist by ending your songs differently. Learn to use tritone chord substitution and play upper structure in the Right Hand to get beautiful voicings for this progression.

In 6 weeks of Module E, you will learn these skills:
  • Create Diatonic Descending Bass Lines
  • Create Half Step Descending Bass Lines with 7th Chords
  • Play a Jazzy Chord Ending Progression
  • Understand Tritone Chord Substitution
  • Apply Upper Structure Technique on the RH
  • Apply Voice Leading in the 6251 progression by using Descending 7th Chords
  • Apply Voice Leading following the Circle of 5th by using Descending 7th Chords
  • LH Finger Exercises for 1st & 2nd Inversions for all 12 Major 7 Chords
  • LH Finger Exercises for 1st & 2nd Inversions for all 12 Minor 7 Chords
  • LH Finger Exercises for 1st & 2nd Inversions for all 12 Dominant 7 Chords
  • A Neat Finger Trick to Identify the 2nd Inversion of 7th Chords

Songs that are used in Module E:
  • Amazing Grace 3/4
  • Today 3/4
  • Fly Me to the Moon 3/4
  • Londonderry Air (Ending) 4/4
  • Moon River 3/4

Content: 19 lessons
Presented in: 19 Instructional Videos (1 hour 45 minutes)

Two formats to choose from:
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  2. Physical product - DVD-Rom (For computer viewing ONLY. Not for TV-DVD player.)
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    $52 + $10 (shipping & handling)

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In addition, per request of many students, in the first week's email, you will also receive the download links for the entire course. You have the option to download everything all at once after your purchase, or you can download the lessons in the span of 6 weeks.
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